2018 New Rule For Testing Brand Communication: NeuroLab

2018 New Rule For Testing Brand Communication: NeuroLab

Wondering if your new pack will stand out in the shelf clutter?


What catches your target’s attention in your pack design?


Will your consumer notice the downsize?


Do your TV/ Digital copies communication generate Active Positive feelings towards your Brand? Is your Ad engaging?

2017 has been an eventful year for consumers; businesses have been on the edge of their seats watching consumer reactions to their new pricing and product strategies.


Meanwhile, 2018 plans are filled with new launches and new brand communication to address the new consumer mindset, whether through TV copies, printed or digital advertising, product packaging, design, shelf placement…etc.

With smaller budgets and bigger plans in 2018, traditional pack and copy tests are not enough.


Consumers are not portraying how they really feel or react to direct questioning. The frustration of the price increases is subconsciously affecting their claimed responses.

Recently we launched a new behavioral affordable measure, which combines NeuroLab technology with the traditional Pack & Copy Testing.

Marwa Samy CMI Lead of Beyti, told us “This would be a really good tool since it captures the ‘actual’ consumer behaviour rather than the ‘claimed’. Also, consumers sometimes are not so good in explaining what they want to say”

Using neuromarketing research, NeuroLab gives you a deeper insights of what customers see, feel & react when exposed to your advertisement.

With Marketeers NeuroPack™ & NeuroAd™ you can:

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