3 Reasons Marketing Research is Better Remotely

3 Reasons Marketing Research is Better Remotely

June 21, 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, all industries are struggling either to minimize business losses or taking opportunities in this challenging situation.

The daily changing markets led to putting the pre-planned strategies on hold, leaving the decision makers today uncertain about what to do next.

Marketing research today became a priority more than ever to ensure your next strategy’s effectiveness and sustain your business growth.

As online became the place where everyone works, play, entertain, socialize, and even shop, Marketing Research had to adapt to the current consumers’ “new way of living” by developing its tools & techniques.

So, What makes Online Marketing Research your best choice nowadays?

1. Meet Consumers Where They Mostly Live; ONLINE

According to Datareportal, in January 2020, internet penetration in Egypt stood at 54% and they spent averagely 7 Hours on the internet. This doubled in April to 15 Hours/Day (Source: MoICT, May 2020). Also, 49% of the population have Smart Phones with internet access – That is more than all urban population in Egypt.

With everyone trying to keep distance and stay safe at home, the Internet has been their gateway during the lockdown shifted more to online shopping and entertainment or mothers who had to help their children get through this semester through online platforms, such as Google classroom, Zoom,… etc.

Guess What…

Consumers are likely to continue most of the new practices and reaching your target audience online is now becoming natural and aligned with the new lifestyle.

2. Improved Quality of Respondents’ Feedback, Like Never Before

Respondents are more comfortable and at ease when they are in their familiar environment, home, and online. They take the time to comprehend questions at their own pace, and more active in discussions.

Additionally, they can share the environment they are living-in, through mobile cameras, adding context to their responses and even their facial expressions revealing their emotions. All provide researchers with ample clues and information to identify valuable insights.

3. Your New Assets for Online Marketing Research

Software companies now are racing to provide the best online experiences, either in meetings, communities, and other activities, adding extra features to make it more interactive and friendly.

Marketeers Research utilized such tools to design its approach to applying Marketing Research engaging techniques and insights exploration tools.

Our priority is to continue empowering businesses during this challenging time by providing research solutions to understand their consumers and sustain their business growth in disruptive markets.

Contact us for more information about conducting online marketing research and receive your proposal within days!

Stay tuned for our next articles about the new normal for online Qualitative & Quantitative Research.

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