5 Branding Lessons from The Egyptian King

5 Branding Lessons from The Egyptian King

May 3, 2018

Excluding the factor of his undebatable talent and exceptional hard work, Mohamed Salah managed to be present in every conversation, triggered by a massive range of touchpoints in no time!


In every communication channel, there is some kind of interaction with Mohamed Salah: The outdoors, package designs, viral videos, TV and digital campaigns, twitter, all this excluding his impressive matches of course, with every touchpoint triggering continuous conversations that extends beyond his matches.


If a brand’s target audience talks about their favorite brand, what’s so unique about that? But when a brand successfully becomes a top of mind figure to those who never follow his soccer matches, while creating an interest in conversations about him, now that’s a brand’s success story!


The dream of every brand, isn’t it?

Before we start the list, let’s go back to the marketing basics. Every brand is built from a mix of functional and emotional benefits, and of course the more the emotional scale increases, the stronger the brand’s equity.

Mohamed Salah owns 5 features that defines his brand success factors:


1)  Down to Earth:

If any man has the right to be arrogant at this very moment, it would be Mohamed Salah, but he’s far from so.


He proved to the world his down to earth character: staring off with always giving credit for his team, never taking it alone even when he deserves. As he always says, “The most important thing is the winning for the team.”


The celebrity life did not make him let go of his origins or squeeze him in a his own bubble. He is proud of his origins, visits his hometown regularly, and never lets down whoever randomly approaches him with admiration, taking photos with anyone.

2. Connects Emotionally

Through his down to earth character, he managed to emotionally connect with not only Egyptians who are so proud to have one of them raising the Egyptians success stories bar, but even with soccer fans globally and kids who idolize him. Most importantly, his down to earth character, and how he approaches his fans is what makes him genuinely true. He wore t-shirt no. 74, the number of Port Said martyrs then again t-shirt number 22 of Abo Treka, proud of his role model, connecting with his fans, and not living in the celebrity success bubble.


Of course we can’t forget the famous video of him surprising his young fans in person through a humorous prank, not a typical celebrity autograph in a large crowd who never get a chance to personally connect and interact with their biggest fans.

On top of all that, he always personally engages with his colleagues and fans on twitter in their language.


3. Persistent:

The normal psychological effect of rejection and demotivation would automatically lead to giving up. But no, Mohamed Salah maintained his strength in persistence, working from bottom up.


Although for years he was perceived as “not good enough”, starting with  Zamalek’s rejection, mostly on the bench, sold by Chelsea, he did not always succeed earlier, but he never gave up.


Whoever thought that such true persistence would end up making him the player who scored 43 goals in 49 games in his first season at Liverpool. He has carried his team to its first Champions League Final in more than a decade, voted England’s player of the year, and last but not least, Egypt has waited 28 years since 1990 for the 25 year old to be the reason Egyptians World Cup qualification in 2018.  Impressive indeed.

4. Unique Brand Identity

Fans can’t deny their admiration and uniqueness of his hair, and not just female crushes but if not at least the appreciation of its un-neat

noticeability, to the other extreme where Liverpool fans shave Mohamed Salah into their head, literally.


He doesn’t change his hair style, not very “posh” soccer player like other no.1 players the past years such as Ronaldo, David Beckam…etc. He’s all about the real deal, not the visual appeal, which is what makes him stand out.

5. Consistency of Performance

Simply, he doesn’t disappoint, always giving his all. Mohamed Salah is now named Liverpool’s Goal Machine, he has scored 43 goals in 49 games in his first season at Liverpool, carried his team to its first champions League final in more than a decade, voted England’s player of the year, and since 1990, 28 years later, the Egyptians has waited for the 25 year old super star to lead them into the 2018 World Cup.

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