GEN Z Syndicated Study: New Purchase Power on Its Way

GEN Z Syndicated Study: New Purchase Power on Its Way

May 20, 2019

Every generation has its own time, and now it’s Generation Z time.

Many brands have been focusing on Millennials, forgetting about a rising generation that is estimated to be the largest generation of consumers by 2020.

-Some brands are already ahead on the curve but are you one of them?

-Have you considered them in your next plan yet?

Why Generation Z?

Those who born between the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s, they were raised in the era of technology and smartphone, they didn’t experience a world without the internet which affects their culture, behaviors, and their purchase decisions, as digital natives they are more open to the world more than any generation, having the opportunity to explore freely and building up their mindsets.


Let’s go beyond the claimed facts and dig deeper into GEN Z behaviors and what really motives them.

Marketeers Research introduces GEN Z Syndicated Study in Egypt, through qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, you will be able to:

-Define GEN Z consumer profiles in Egypt

-Identify the most influential touch points to reach Gen Z

-When, where and how to connect with Gen Z


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