Get Ready for the 2018 Ramadan Race: Step 1

Get Ready for the 2018 Ramadan Race: Step 1

April 2, 2018

 42 DAYS TO GO, and the Ramadan Race will begin!


So many preparations have been going on and still taking place by brand managers of all industries, getting themselves ready for the 2018 Ramadan of Opportunities.


After the Post-inflation Ramadan 2017 took the first shock, only a couple of months after the devaluation, impacting the average increase in Ramadan season profitability…


…Now enough time has passed, giving time for consumers to adapt and settle for the current dynamics, making Ramadan 2018 an outstanding opportunity for brands to rise again and meet newly defined consumer purchase power, which at this very moment, all industries are cooking up a grand entrance for across the Middle East, fighting for the bigger piece of the pie for their brands.

Within the next 3 days, we will be publishing 3 steps to get ready for the 2018 Ramadan Race, confirming with the ones who started, while supporting those in the process.

Every Ramadan, consumers notice, experience, and even search for new brand entries, either through new product launches, new brands, or new SKUs, making the most out of the peak of consumer goods consumption season.


Whether the new product is seasonal, or strategically entering in a time where consumer mindset is more receptive to trying what’s new and relevant to the season; in all cases, too much is invested to risk failure.

To pinpoint the product perks, first step is to investigate your potential customers’ reactions through a Concept/Product Test, providing insight into which ideas and actual product features that are most likely to hit your financial objectives.

Most of our clients have already passed the concept/product stage a month ago, yet those who have not due to time constraints, don’t assume it is too late to test and pinpoint your product perks now!


With almost 6 weeks to go for Ramadan, in 1 week a Concept/ Product Test can be finalized with our ZeroTime™ MR automated modules, where you can momentarily identify and execute the product perks for a winning Ramadan grand entrance.


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