Get Ready for the 2018 Ramadan Race: Step 2

Get Ready for the 2018 Ramadan Race: Step 2

April 4, 2018



Earlier, we introduced Step 1 for getting Ready for the Ramadan Race, is to Pinpoint the Product Perks to ensure a profit maximizing new product/SKU launch through ZeroTime™ Concept/Product Tests; now Step 2:

Right now, so many new Ramadan themed Package Designs, Billboards, and Digital Artworks are being created to launch to support brands’ Ramadan communication strategies.

The Design Phase Problem:


What seems to be appealing on the computer screen in the design stage, may not be noticeable enough to STAND OUT & meet brands’ objectives in the Ramadan clutter of messages, colors, shapes, and sizes in all the touchpoints your target meets your brand’s communication.


Don’t you agree?


Hence, the importance of getting your target’s visual & emotional input through Neuro-Measurement Tools before the launch of your new pack design, billboards, digital artworks, or any BTL content, while taking into consideration the context of the touchpoint your target will meet your brand’s visual.


Make sure all the key visual elements your different Artworks are seen by your consumer.


In the case of Pepsi, the key message may have been delivered through the visual, but was not read by the sample.



Identify your target’s visual journey.


What is the order of visual elements that caught their attention from their time limited observation?


Did they see the most important message first or last, and why?



Identify whether your design stands out in the clutter


Through heatmaps, you can identify what captures their attention comparative to your competition.


From those results, client would pass on the Neuro-Measurement results to creative agencies, offering objective feedback for the any visual communication design

Marketeers’ Neuro-Measurement outcome a Nutshell:

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