How Did Black Friday Perform This Year? “Info-graphic”

How Did Black Friday Perform This Year? “Info-graphic”

December 4th, 2018

Black Friday was first introduced to Egypt in 2015. Since then, we witnessed a lot of crowd in shopping malls, retail shops and traffic on e-commerce websites due to large discounts and offers that are, perceived to be, for a limited time. Some stores extended more than one day, while others kept it strict.


Yet with the recent economic changes, which reflected on a dramatic decrease in Egyptian consumers purchase power, we wanted to test how effective was Black Friday in the continued devaluation era

The info-graphic below shows some interesting results about consumer behavior in the recent Black Friday in Egypt regarding:


1. Do they still believe in Black Friday sales?

2. Purchase decisions motives and barriers.

3. Did they buy online or offline?

4. How much did they spend in Black Friday?

5. Most purchased categories.

6. Their satisfaction level.

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