Watch Vodafone, Etisalat, & Orange Latest Campaigns’ NeuroLab Measurements

Watch Vodafone, Etisalat, & Orange Latest Campaigns’ NeuroLab Measurements


We chose the industry with one of the highest advertising expenditure, and most competitive communication as an example for introducing Smart Cut™, our research approach integrating NeuroLab measurement tools with copy tests: A  key checkpoint used to assist marketing communication teams with their advertising agencies during the TVC offline edits stage, right before the launch, to maximise return on media investments.

How Smart Cut™ maximises return on media investments??


By integrating copy tests with NeuroLab, you can now Avoid the client-agency argument, and take your offline edits feedback directly from the brands’ target audience for an effective final copy, through the following output derived from SmartCut(TM):

    • Were respondents level of concentration high enough to continue the Ad?

    • Respondents’ Emotionally Engaging Moments

    • Visibility of key brand messages or product placements

    • Master Scenes for TVC Cut-downs

From there, SmartCut™ is able to provide guidelines for creative teams to create the optimum final Copy edit that would meet their client’s objectives.

So what does the NeuroLab measure exactly?


NeuroLab Captures the unclaimed consumer feedback through what they SEE, and what they don’t see in terms of product placements, key visuals or messages; how they FEEL in every moment in your storyline up till the offering from the appearance of certain visuals, actors, humour attempts, voice over, music, selling messages…etc; and how they REACT to anything that appears or is heard throughout the copy.


NeuroLab output takes into consideration the client’s key campaign objectives, and supported by copy test questionnaires the respondent goes through after the Neuro-measurement experience.

Below are 3 Neuro-measurements for Etisalat, Vodafone, and Orange’s latest campaigns, with examples of one of the key outputs derived from respondents who watched the 3 ads: Emotional Maps of respondents fluctuating engagement levels throughout the 30 second copies. 

Results are presented for the objective of portraying the types of insights Smart Cut™ can provide, not with the objective of presenting a conclusive evaluation, due to a small sample size.

NeuroLab Key

NeuroLab Output Examples for Etisalat, Vodafone, & Orange Campaigns:

Emotionally Engaging Moments for Etisalat’s Ad:

Emotionally Engaging Moments for Vodafone’s Ad:

Emotionally Engaging Moments for Orange Ad:

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