NeuroMarketing: Find out what they don’t say anyway

NeuroMarketing: Find out what they don’t say anyway

Board meetings have been held, 2022 budgets have been approved, Advertising campaign briefs are being created, and from there the Ad creation process begins: 


1) Brief the Agency

2) Wait for the big idea with fingers crossed

3) Grasp, comment, and amend the storyline scripts and storyboards


4) Test how well the ad will perform through your target’s feedback, claimed feedback actually…

5) With a deep breath, hands on your chest, launch the TV and/or Digital copies with its different executions, and cut downs



THE PROBLEM: After all the internal arguments and pre-ad tests, the media budget could still go to waste. Claimed research responses will offer a quick evaluation, input on your brand, and highlight major setbacks, but there will always be a limit to answering the following question:


What quick and specific actions can we take now, which would make the most out of the current, already shot, copy?


THE SOLUTION: NeuroMarketing Research

Capture the unclaimed consumer feedback through what they SEE and what they don’t see, how they FEEL in every moment in your storyline up till the offering, and how they REACT to shifts in storyline, humour attempts, product placements, or selling messages through NeuroLab

What is NeuroLab?

A NeuroMarketing Research tool for identifying the most engaging moments in your story line, and ensuring delivery of key messages and visuals; accordingly through NeuroLab you would attain objective offline edits feedback, and create the most effective copy cut downs, directly from your consumers’ eyes, hearts, and minds.


Using neuromarketing research, NeuroLab gives you a deeper insights of what customers see, feel & react when exposed to your advertisement by utilising the following three measurement tools:

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