Part THREE: 6 Innovative Strategies in a Competitive 2018

November 15, 2018

A quick poll on our Facebook page asked our fans “Do you agree that brands who do not INNOVATE, will die?”, and the result was 75% voted DEFINITELY, while 25% said not necessarily.


One of the consumer Megatrends is their willingness to experience and engage more with brands, which results in a great challenge with greater opportunities for companies to innovate through engaging physical and digital experiences, and expand or create additional touchpoints where they meet their target audience.


Previously, we shared with you 4 innovative strategies in part one & part two, now we will proceed with the last 2 innovative strategies related to customer touchpoints and new product lines from Dove, NESCAFÉ, Domty and Uber:

Innovation #5: Effective Touchpoint is any time a potential customer engages with your brand, creating a different and satisfying customer’s experience that can highly influence each stage of his/her decision-making process, coming up with relevant touchpoints can increase chances of building long term relationships between your customers and your brand.


An example of brands using effective and innovative touchpoints in their marketing communication:

Last summer Dove started an initiative “متخليش حاجة توقفك” to embrace natural beauty by pampering a lot of ladies in Sahel by Dove’s products, providing them refreshing hair wash followed by hair styling.



Also NESCAFÉ’s campaign “قهوة الطالب المصرى” reached out college students through many different touchpoints such as :


-Customized Packaging to every college which encouraged consumers to buy the package related to his/her college.
-On-Ground Activation: NESCAFÉ studios that toured colleges to engage students through expressing their college.

-Partnering with Anghami to offer special songs list and possibility of one month free for Anghami PLUS by just capturing a photo of NESCAFÉ package.

-Also partnering with Egypt Career Summit, offered career coaching and inspirational talks during their latest event.


This campaign was professionally made by FP7/CAI agency, it was a huge success that it won 4 gold awards in 2018 MENA Effies, congratulations!

Innovation #6: Extension of product lines, an efficient strategy for companies to broaden their consumers base, penetrate new markets, increase market shares and take the lead as a main player in the market.


For example, the launch of Domty sandwich which is recently one of the most trending products, because of its high quality and rich stuffing which made the competition in this category much harder.


Uber Eats, a new food delivery service from Uber, which is partnering with different restaurants & drivers to deliver you food.

As mentioned in ORC,How important is innovation to your brand”, a study found that consumers are willing to pay 21% more for products from innovative brands.

It is obvious that innovation allows your brand to grow, unlock many opportunities and make you stand out from competition.

The market will not wait for you, new changes happen in no time, so why you wait?

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”

William Pollard

It’s time for Innovation! It’s time for ZeroTime™ MR

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