Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in 2016 for the Great Good: Egypt Edition

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in 2016 for the Great Good: Egypt Edition

As the year approaches to an end, we are all jotting down our notes from the studies and articles by the digital experts, who have been posting the social media dos/don’ts for 2016.


We’ve done some research across Egypt, and came up with a more tailored list to our culture, based on a survey regarding millennials’ online behavior.


1. The world revolves around you


If you’re only glorifying how awesome your products and services are, your fans are probably being turned off by your brand.


We see many new arising brands that impress everyone with innovations they have to offer. So product features may seem sufficient for a while, but not for long. What’s new today is doomed to be old news tomorrow.


Only 6% of millennials are interested in posts related to product features. There will always be an early threshold to what you can say about your offering, so if your brand is not standing for something clear on the digital front, your fans will sure be lost to the next “cooler” feature that passes by.


2. You’re just a little too late, or misplaced


All digital marketers know the importance of right place and right timing, but applying it in reality is not as easy as it sounds. The moment of your target’s receptivity could be challenging identify, and the existing metrics is not an enough measurement anymore with the current clutter.


If your post is seen after its momentum has passed or at the wrong place, it becomes irrelevant.


A large 34% of millennials would unfollow a page they already like if its content is not relevant to them anymore, which can result in a great loss of valuable quality fans.


3. Your page is Autocratic


The online world is the only place Egyptian Millennials can express themselves freely, and they will not tolerate anyone to take this freedom away from them.


If you are the only source of information on your page, be sure you are building distrust for your brand.


67% of Egyptian millennials’ most preferred content type is customer reviews; showing the weight placed on what others have to say about your brand to what you have to say.


The autocratic system of a one-way dialogue in the digital world may seem safe, but its only momentarily and will eventually backfire, as it did in the real world.


4. You’re being a social copycat


Yes, we may not be the most advanced country in the world, but we are definitely exposed. If you’re copying from global brands thinking no one knows about this yet…well, they know.


47% of Egyptian Millennials would unfollow if content is repetitive and boring, and your page is not the only source of judgment.


As the bar of innovation and originality skyrockets with greater exposure, you have to meet, if not exceed, what Egyptian Millennials are already seeing.


5. You’re offensive


As Egyptians, inappropriate language is in our blood. Yet, there is a very thin line between being funny and being offensive, which many brands miss.


Although these inappropriate posts may acquire instant results and high engagement, but it loses more than it gains on the long run. Based on survey results, a large 61% would unfollow if the page had inappropriate language.


6. Your claim is suspicious


Having a reason to believe is a key criterion to check off before posting content. Why this joke, meme, or game from your brand? Is it just to fill in content space, or is it relevant to your positioning?


Being inconsistent and lacking quality content makes your online claims suspicious to fans.


76% would prefer factual content from brands they follow, meaning that Egyptians are appreciating genuine brands that can reveal the truth about themselves.


7. You’re STILL bombarding your fans with notifications


36% would unfollow a page or person if they are bombarded by notifications, losing quality fans in the process that were hard to attain in the first place.


Yes, consistency in post frequency is important, but relevance, timing, and quality of content is what makes these notifications acceptable or not by your fans, a relative issue which brands are not evaluating thoroughly before setting their social media strategies.


For more information regarding millennials online behaviors, please contact us with your questions and we will try to incorporate them in our next survey.


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