The Gen Z Effect: Influential More Than You Expect

The Gen Z Effect: Influential More Than You Expect

February 17th, 2019


Businesses have been focusing on Millennials behavior the past years, but nowadays there is a new impactful generation arising with growing purchasing power, having different behaviors and interests that we need to discover,


According to Jeff Fromm,

“ Gen Z will represent the largest generation of consumers by 2020, they account for $29 to $143 billion in direct spending while their indirect spending influence to be in the range of $116 billion to $333 billion.

Demographically speaking, Gen Z are those who born between the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s.

According to World Population Review  as of 2017 estimates, around 52% of the Egyptian population are aged under 25 years old.

Let’s say that, a fast-growing young consumer with new minds are on their way to strongly affect the market.

They’re social media addicts but..


When we mention the word Gen Z, the first thing blows up in our mind related to this generation is social media, smartphones, a complete isolation from the real world and full enjoyment of imaginary digital network.


That’s not all the truth, if this your perception on Gen Z, then you need to change it now before you have to.

They prefer to communicate with them personally


Surprisingly, Gen Z likes to communicate in person, even through social media, they care to show their character and get attracted the most to companies that personalize their brand to Gen Z persona.


There are few campaigns that creatively succeed in personalizing the brand to meet Gen Z interests, and guess how huge was the effect.

Engage them with your marketing campaign


For instance,  American Eagle recently launched a campaign which is called by Gen Z “The Real Life” ad campaign.


American Eagle decided to replace supermodels and contrived locations with real Gen Z people in their own personal environment.


Through AE social media channels, Gen Z was able to upload short videos and portrays that display their stories, interests and their passion in life, under the signature of AE outfits which proved to suit every individual style.


This lively engagement with consumers leads to an increase of AE e-commerce sales, a broader consumer base, a raise in their social media followers, the hashtag of #AExME was worldwide reached.

What you need to do…


It is clever that brands start to adapt social media mindset to easily reach their target audience, but this is not enough to ensure your ad and campaign success. The most important aspect of your social strategy, is to guarantee a unique experience serving the interest of your consumers.


Do not miss the chance of being a leader in understanding your future consumers, and know more about Gen Z.

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