This Halloween We Will Bring Up Some Fears

October 28, 2021

This Halloween We Will Bring Up Some Fears

For years, we kept watching the growth of some businesses while others disappeared.
Despite all of these varieties, we have seen a few common fears each business is concerned about. There’s no better time to be reminded of these worries than Halloween.

1- Losing Customers
Everybody hates goodbyes, and the worst part is seeing your customers walking away because, regardless of what you do, the prices are going to increase, leading you to wonder how to manage your ‘must make” price increases in a way that keeps your client.

2- Rapid Shifts in Consumer Behavior

Beware of the customer you think you know.

We live in a time where trends in consumers’ attitudes and behaviors are constantly changing. Each generation, like the X generation, millennials, the Y generation, and the Z generation, has its own set of expectations. You must stay on top of it in a way that is relevant to them, otherwise, you will lose it all.

3- Competitor Innovation

The truth is that change is happening at a breakneck pace, and the question is who will be the first to develop innovations that are more relevant to their customers’ changing behaviors.


4- Power Struggle in Trade Relations

In the business world, the bullying nightmare isn’t over yet. Trade is gaining more power, particularly in the large modern trade. Due to additional charges imposed on manufacturers, trade expenses are rising.

This raises the manufacturer’s cost burden, leading to further price increases and a potential loss of customers.

But don’t you worry!

Fear is a basic human instinct that makes us attentive and searching for answers.

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