Walk in Your Consumers’ Shoes for 2019 Marketing Plans

Walk in Your Consumers’ Shoes for 2019 Marketing Plans

September 13, 2018



There was the luxury of time to realize, research, and react to changes in consumer behavior.


Yet with every passing day, the challenge to keep up with fast changing consumer behaviors leads to either nightmares or inspirational stories for those working in marketing.


Disruptive changes are continuously altering the Consumer Path to Purchase, resulting in ongoing unanswered questions, and adding pressure on Marketing teams in the stage of confirming 2019 Marketing Plan directions.

We have already starting witnessing this disruptive change throughout 2018. One of the most insightful changes was published by  Revelx, 3 Reasons Why consumer behavior is changing, which have redirected Marketing Plan directions this year in almost all industries.


Real-timeification of Consuming: We have been excessively witnessing how potential buyers are always finding the best deals in real time. A change that is continuously growing up-to-date.


Reviewification of Business: Whether it is a literal star rating review, social media buzz, or simple google search, there are unlimited number of sources that delivers real time information, surpassing brands’ direct communication in both high and low involvement consumer decisions.


“Uberization” of the Market: Many companies are now struggling with the rise of startups taking large parts of their market share. We see this growth with increasing appreciation of local brands.

In the time of getting ready to make 2019 marketing decisions, many internal arguments and conflicting opinions take place, with the objective planning what brand teams think is best for their target audience, in the shortest possible time.


What if you can involve your consumer in the design phase of your 2019 Marketing plan?

In one week, LISTEN to your consumer and CONFIRM your 2019 marketing plan through ZeroTime™ Market Research, a fast track module, placing brand managers in consumers’ shoes, to make spot on 2019 marketing plan decisions.

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