Brands in 2017: Be a Digital Native, or Die

Brands in 2017: Be a Digital Native, or Die

Millennials digital usage and attitude are becoming the fastest evolving behaviors witnessed everyday, challenging brand managers to keep up with those changes, in order to reach their target. But to be up to date, we need to know and track the dynamics of their behaviors in the digital world. A few examples are:


81% prefer to use smartphones to connect to internet


Millennials are connecting through laptops, PC, Smart TV, tablet, and even refrigerators now to connect to the internet! But smartphones are dominating the preferred devices for Millennials. So is your brand’s online presence tailored for smartphones, or only good on big screens?

77% saw products online and purchased them offline


A dramatic shift is taking place in consumers’ path to purchase for all categories, with the invasion of the digital world. Path to purchase has shifted, combining a mix of online and offline journeys, making it a great challenge to identify the journey touch points. So where are those 77% online searching for your brand? And how can you reach them?

Last year, we started the first comprehensive digital tracking report, keeping up with the digital behaviors of Egyptian Millennials 3 times a year.

Digital Report Vision

 In a country which lacks general public statistics about consumer behavior, especially in the digital world, our vision is to give opportunities for brands to:


1. Constantly evaluate the current digital strategy

2. Identify new opportunities for digital presence

3. Adjust the digital investment decisions wheel, keeping up with the frequent changes

Table of Contents

1. How are millennials connecting to the internet?

2. What activities are they doing online?

3. How frequently do they participate in online activities?

4. When do they participate in online activities?

5. When do they use the internet?

6. What devices do they own, use, and prefer to use when connecting to the internet?

1. Which social networks millennials use the most?

2. Time spent on each social network

3. Motives behind connecting on social networks

4. How social networks influence purchase decisions?

5. Which Millennial follows brand pages?

1. Which millennials previously made an online purchase?

2. How Frequently do millennials make an online purchase?

3. What product categories millennials purchase online?

4. Millennials’ online purchase behavior in the past month

5. Online purchase intent for different categories

1. What are millennials’ Digital Path to Purchase?

2. Categories millennials saw online and purchased offline

3. Barriers to online purchase

4. Categories millennials saw offline and purchased online

5. What influences millennialsonline purchase?

Research Methodology:


Sample size: 500 Egyptian Millennials

Age groups:

  • 18 – 23
  • 24 – 29
  • 30 – 35


  • 50% Males
  • 50% Females

Socioeconomic Class:

  • 50% AB
  • 50% C1

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