2018 Marketing Plan: How ZeroTime™ Market Research can Support

2018 Marketing Plan: How ZeroTime™ Market Research can Support

The Current Marketing Team Dilemma:


At this very moment, Marketing Teams are finalizing their 2018 Plans requiring them to set SMART objectives, and agree on a detailed plan to create 2018 success stories.


Such decisions are already challenging every year, let alone in the Post-inflation Era, where marketing teams are required to plan profitable marketing decisions for today’s newly defined Egyptian consumer.


Meanwhile, board and team meetings are taking place, where team members initiate plan discussions, ranging from new product launches, pricing, promotions, and campaigns for next year, which require budgets to be finalized based on profitability forecasts.


Yes…So, what new?


Now you can kill the debates, and instantly involve your consumer in your Marketing plan through ZeroTime™ Market Research, an automated module for fieldwork and reporting that delivers research results in a few days instead of weeks to support your 2018 Plan decisions through:


– Testing Plan Suggestions

– Testing acceptance level of new initiatives

– Testing campaign initiatives

– Or simply, define the new consumer attitude to ensure marketing decisions.


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