3 Super Powers a Brand Manager Must Have to Fully Benefit from the Tracker

3 Super Powers a Brand Manager Must Have to Fully Benefit from the Tracker


social3_01Brand Tracking Report, the day every brand and marketing manager rolls up their sleeves to see what’s happening to their brand.


The current situation is:
The brand manager receives on a quarterly basis a 200+ page report in addition to excel sheets, which include endless data with numbers, graphs… and numbers, and graphs.


The brand tracker today is overwhelming. (We personally feel sorry for the brand manager the day we send the brand tracking report)


So what happens?

Since no one has time to go over the tremendous amount of data, even when acknowledging that it would probably be valuable, brand managers end up filtering out the information, and only look at the few slides which reflect their KPIs.


If you are a brand manager, do you agree?


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Unfortunately, this means that all the hard work ends up not being utilized by the brand decision makers, which results in missing out on valuable information that can add great value to the decision making process.

From our 20 years experience and discussions with our clients, the only way any brand manager can fully benefit from the current brand tracker is with these 3 Super Powers:

1) The Ability to Freeze Time:


Going through a 200+ page report and excel sheets with a sea of numbers take too much time and effort that is not to be taken lightly.


To fully benefit from the report, a brand manager must make the decision to go through it and analyze it all, which can only happen if time froze.

2) A Photographic Memory: 


The only way to connect the result in slide number 38 with slide 204 in a reasonable time frame is a photographic memory.


Going through a massive amount of data to find the right chart, make sense of the numbers, connect the numbers from different charts to identify an opportunity, can get the brand manager dizzy from the overwhelming information, unless the report is memorized to connect the dots.

3) Big Data Expertise: 


Now they call them “data scientists” who are experts in statistics and trained to identify, through analysis, the brand’s growth opportunities.


This will need a couple of years for a postgraduate degree.

So now that we’ve acknowledged the problem, what’s the solution?


In our next article we will reveal how we can help brand managers attain the full benefit of the brand tracker with normal human powers.

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