Back to the Future: Trends Changing the Face of Real Estate in 2019

Back to the Future: Trends Changing the Face of Real Estate in 2019

July 25, 2019

So, we are already halfway through 2019 and for the real estate market, a lot has been going on! Marketeers brings you an overview of the 4 main trends you can focus on today and for the next year.


Whether you are a developer, a buyer or an investor, here are the 4 most remarkable trends of the real estate market to keep you updated

1- Online Marketplace

The 21st century consumers rely heavily on the internet as a source of information. It became the norm to search online before making a purchase decision. What makes their search process a lot easier now are the search filters designed to specify housing attributes that fit their taste, bill & location preferences.

Online reviews and social media presence became the largest determinant of purchasing decisions and therefore a strong online reputation will allow real estate providers to maintain an appealing brand image that reflects accessibility and modernization.

Worth noting that the majority of Customers are more likely to access the Internet via a smartphone, not a computer so if you don’t provide mobile-friendly sites and make use of the apps trends, you’re risking your business.

2- Green is The New Grey

There is no doubt that the core goal of property buyers is to experience welfare. They all long for a life of quality and this is why providing a charming surrounding nature is a savage trend in the real estate market to communicate with clients.

This is clearly observed in how the grey cement and grey installations are making way for green plants. In other words, real estate providers promote their business through the positive effects of nature on the lives of people including relaxation and pure air.

3- The People-Oriented Approach

Real estate choice is highly dependent on the experiences people crave and the connections people make to create the community. It is no longer about stones, but rather about people, they are more encouraged to live among others with a likeness to themselves.

Therefore, maintaining a homogeneous community with desirable connections could be a promising strategy to win over your client. In short, investing such time to get to know your clients means more business for you in the future.

4- Technological Breakthrough

Just like in every other market, technological leaps have made an echoing entrance. Here are the 2 most remarkable technological trends in the real estate market:

  – Virtual reality

Virtual reality makes it possible for potential buyers to virtually tour the property from anywhere in the world, at any time which saves time & money for both agents and clients while increasing efficiency and engagement.

  – Augmented reality

While VR covers and replaces one’s field of vision, Augmented reality (AR) adds virtual components to reality, adding to what you are already seeing. This can be useful for seeing how different the room will look with different pieces of furniture. Both AR & VR technology have made their way to Egypt and are made available by multiple companies such as CGEVO, Hyper Sonic, VR Egypt & GAWLA VR.

Conclusion | Dynamism is The Winning Card

Real estate is an industry that is merely sensitive to its surroundings, it grew a lot more complicated than the traditional sale process! In the real estate market, change is the only constant and if you fail to keep up …well, you know the rest of the story.


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Article by: Mary Sameh

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