Counting Down, The Biggest Market Research Conference in Africa!

Counting Down, The Biggest Market Research Conference in Africa!

Africa is one of the most diverse continents in the world, and not always one of the best understood ones, leading to a knowledge gap that needs to be met to pinpoint brand growth and development opportunities.

Today, consumer insights in Africa are considered to be hidden gems, waiting to be discovered by marketing teams to be the pioneers in entering a world of exponential growth.

The growing opportunities led to the launch of African Market Research Association (AMRA) in 2016, with the objective of gathering marketing and market research teams to gain the know-how of digging deeper to unlock potential.

This April 2019, by gathering the World’s marketing practitioners and businesses interested in Africa, AMRA conference shall take place in Lagos, Nigeria for a one-of-a-kind marketing and opinion research conference. It would start with training workshops on the 15th and the main conference starts on the 16th.


What makes this conference different from usual? It’ll get everyone focused on forward-looking market research endeavors and fresh direction for the industry in Africa, with the theme of Building Tomorrow; Africa Leading 


-Showcase transformative research that has unlocked potential…that makes Africa lead

-Promote the African market to the rest of the world through marketing, social and opinion research activities

“AMRA wants to build an environment where market research professionals in Africa can relate what they learn to what they actually see and do, learning innovative ways of conducting research from each other’s experience and building a cooperative environment”


Sami Ghabrial

Chairman, AMRA

CEO, Marketeers Research

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the biggest Market Research Conference in Africa


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