Make your own Post-inflation Era Report

Throughout the month of Ramadan, we published weekly insights presenting noticeable changes in consumer behavior for 15 food and beverage product categories, during the month of highest food and beverage consumption.


Three days ago, the gas prices rose again for the second time in one year, which means that another wave of increased prices will occur, with another decline in purchase power, and hence, another shift in consumer purchase behavior across all industries. 


We got several requests from clients and email subscribers to send a compiled info-graphic showing all the FMCG categories we asked about this month, so we published it accordingly:


Now you can customize your own report, identifying the direct impact on your category/sector and brands, for all industries including FMCGs, Cosmetics, Autos, Durables, Real Estate, and even Banking Services.


Since it has become critical to instantly identify the impact of every wave of price increases on consumer behavior, we took the time factor into consideration when customizing your Post-inflation Era Report, starting from 5 days of field work and reporting.

Customize your own Post-inflation Era Report

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