Generation Z Social Media Behavior “Info-graphic Video”

Generation Z Social Media Behavior “Info-graphic Video”

September 17th, 2019

Gen Z is often linked as the generation that is most influenced by technology, they have never known a world without internet and they’re the true digital natives, as it is becoming their source of news, entertainment, and communication.

So to share with you a sneak peek of Gen Z social media behavior, we conducted a quantitative study using our ZeroTime™ Market Research on 100 respondents from Gen Z aged from 16-24 YO, 50% Males, 50% Females with socio-economic class: 20% AB , 40% C1 and 40% C2 in Cairo.

Watch the full insights in the following video:

Top Ranked #1 Most Used Platforms

We were surprised that 74% of Gen Z chose Facebook as their top used social media platform, some say due to the larger variety of content Facebook has to offer not included in instagram, which personally engages them more beyond likes, comments and stories, such as specialized FB community groups and statuses.

Instagram usage follows with 11%.

“الفيسبوك بينزل فيه بوستات كتير و بتعرف تتكلم مع الناس لكن انستاجرام متكتف فى الصور بس, بحس  فيسبوك اجتماعى اكتر من انستاجرام”

“Facebook includes a variety of posts and enables me to actually have a conversation with people. Instagram seems limited to sharing photos which gives me the impression that Facebook is more sociable than Instagram

Male, 21 YO, AB Class

And when it comes to sharing 44% of them said that they love to share information about their daily life on social media platforms, and 5% dislike sharing any information about their life online.

What Influences Their Decision? 

Gen Z friends are influencing them the most with 56%, followed by Family with 47%.

Surprisingly, celebrities came in the third place, significantly more influential than social media influencers.

The most followed types of social media influencers by Gen Z were Entertainment with 74% and Fashion with 46%.

So how truly effective are social media influencers to your brand? And are you choosing the most relevant influencer to your audience that reflects on your ROI?

“الفيسبوك بيأثر عليا فى كل حاجة مش بس قرارات شراء لكن فى شخصيتى كمان لأنى بشوف مثلا الناس بتحكى مشاكلها عالجروبات و كده فبتعلم منها”

“Facebook affects every aspect in my life not just my purchase decisions . I think it also affects my personality whenever I read problems or life incidents that people post over Facebook groups, so I learn from them”

Female, 22 YO, AB Class

How Social Media Affects Them?

39% of Gen Z see that social media affects them positively compared to only 12% see that it affects them negatively.

Gen Zers are becoming more aware of social media drawbacks of how time spent on it steals away their life, so accordingly, started to become more conscious of how to use it wisely to get the optimum benefits out of it.

“كلنا بقينا مدمنين سوشيال ميديا و بقيت انا و اصحابى لما نخرج نتفق محدش يمسك موبايل و احنا قاعدين مع بعض عشان الموبايل بياخد الناس من بعضها اوى

“We have all become social media addicts. Whenever we go out, my friends and I agree to stop using our phones as long as our time together lasts, we feel that mobile phones drift people apart”

Female, 22 YO, AB Class

YET, that’s not all about Gen Z, there are multiple facts you need to know about them before: generating a new product/service idea, developing and testing the concept of your idea, creating the new brand/product line, and identifying the most influential comunication methods and platforms.


“Brands targeting Gen Z need to look beyond the confines of traditional segmentation, the ultimate priority always has to be on alignment that helps us cultivate relationships with youth culture – not just organize it.”

The Gen Z Frequency: How Brands Tune in and Build Credibility by Gregg L. Witt

However now you can cope and connect with Gen Zers, going behind the claimed facts through our Gen Z syndicated Study with 1000 respondents and 8 workshops across Egypt.

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Article by: Yasmeen Fahmy


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