How Did The Pastry Market Maximize Its Brand Value This Al-Mawled Al Nabwi Season With Non-paper Packaging?

How Did The Pastry Market Maximize Its Brand Value This Al-Mawled Al Nabwi Season With Non-paper Packaging?

October 20, 2021

Each new season, brands try to maximize the perceived value through launching new relevant offerings. This time, during El-Mawled Al-Nabwi season 2021 (the birth of the Islamic Prophet Mohamed), brands got creative, launching new relevant offerings and building on their brand value through new flavors, packaging, discounts, communication… etc.

Packaging as a promotional tool.
We took this opportunity to observe the Egyptian pastry market, noting that brands were struggling with the rising raw material prices, and they were caught between a rock and a hard place, trying to maximize perceived value to rationalize what consumers are willing to pay.

Therefore, this season, we noticed that the competition shifted to packaging as several businesses adopted packaging as a strategy to add value to their product Here are a few illustrations.

– Etoile and Sedra launching decorative stainless boxes.


Etoile offered their nuts in “Sandouk Al-Mahrousa”, a unique coppersmith box, stating it was a valuable handmade box that the customer could use afterward as a decorative piece.

Following the trend, Sedra used both copper and wood as a packaging material to provide consumers with a unique piece of art.

– Tseppas taking care of kids.

Tseppas, on the other hand, is attempting to capture the market with its kid’s box, no added sugar boxes, and competing “Sandouk Al-Mahrousa” with a colored metal box.

– La poire and the oriental plate.

La Poire joins the scene with an oriental plate in an attempt to provide consumers with a true flavor of Egyptian culture, where it can also be used for many daily purposes.

– Laser printing on wood boxes

Here’s a variation on sale sucre and Sedra as they packed their nuts in a laser-printed wood box that demonstrates their artistic taste.

Preparing for the next seasons
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