Iftar Preparations in Ramadan – Part TWO

Iftar Preparations in Ramadan – Part TWO

May 22, 2019

Continuing with you part two of Ramadan insights…

Last week in the first part of Ramadan insights was about what women watch & listen to in Ramadan “Weld El-Ghalaba” was the top watched series, where “Orange ad” was on the top of the most likable Ad.

55% are listening to the radio in Ramadan & most of them were listening to Qur’an Kareem Station by 91% followed by Nogoum FM by 48%.

Full infographic: What Women Watch & Listen to in Ramadan? – Part ONE


In the second part of Ramadan insights, you will find some statistics in the infographic below about:

1) How They Prepare For Iftar Menu

2) Top Chefs & Channels They Follow


Stay tuned for part 3 that will cover qualitative & quantitative insights about product choice motives & products they switched in Ramadan.

Do you have questions concerning consumer behavior in Ramadan on your mind that need an answer? Share your thoughts here, and we will run a survey based on selected questions requested and results will be launched in the last week of Ramadan.

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