IMRD 2021 Webinar: Future of Market Research in MENA

IMRD 2021 Webinar: Future of Market Research in MENA
On-demand market research webinar

April 28, 2021

International Market Research Day(IMRD) is almost here and we’re so excited to celebrate this day with you!

This day was originally initiated by TUAD, it is now a global campaign supported by ESOMAR and co-hosting national and international associations for data, research, and insights, a lot of initiatives & events are taking place globally starting May 3rd to May 7th.

And as our CEO, Sami Ghabrial is ESOMAR Representative in Egypt, we take the initiative to contribute to this day with this year’s theme “Building a better future through insights” and we’re organizing a webinar about The Future of Market Research in MENA.

On-demand market research webinar

The digital transformation in the market research industry has been accelerated by the pandemic, everything changed from gathering data to analyzing research results and deriving deep insights leading to growth.

The need for utilizing tech tools is becoming vital for keeping up with the rapidly changing consumer behavior, and because with every challenge…comes an opportunity to learn and develop, let’s see how Market Research is changing to build a better future through insights

In this webinar, we will know more about

– Changes in Consumers’ Behavior

– How Are The Needs of Businesses Changing?

– Key Changes of Transformation in Market Research

– How to be Prepared For The Future of Market Research?

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