Market Analyst

Title Market Analyst

The Accelerated Management (AM) Associate Program gives junior business professionals the opportunity to accelerate in their career progression towards business leadership and experiencing managerial roles at an early stage in their career life.

Career Advancement Path:

  • Junior Market Analyst
  • Associate Market Analyst
  • Market Analyst
  • Senior Market Analyst
  • Analysis Team Lead
  • Analysis Manager

The AM Associate Program gives its associates chances to participate in the impact that Marketeers has on its clients and the markets served. Moreover, the AM associate program defines the growth identity of Marketeers and establishes the culture of progress and achievement among team members so that all AM Associate Program members can proudly say “I ‘AM’ Marketeers!”

The AM Associate Program allows its members to also grow fast in terms of promotions, compensation increase and business exposure.

Your Job Will Be


  • Developing research design as per the client’s business issue
  • Utilizing quantitative tools to analyze the data & numbers extracted
  • Translating numbers into meaningful reports with main findings & provide solutions that address business issues
Your Impact


  • Influencing the performance of the key corporate players in the market taking the right decisions to grow their market performance
  • Act as a trusted advisor and consultant to Marketeers’ clients
Job Requirements


  • Analysts who enjoy playing with numbers
  • Analytical skills that can spot opportunities within the details
  • Proactive team-players
  • Proven willingness and ability to learn in a dynamic environment
  • Excellent Excel and PowerPoint skills


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