Most Liked 2019 Ramadan TV Ads – Part Five

Most Liked 2019 Ramadan TV Ads – Part Five

June 3, 2019

Ready for the last Ramadan 2019 results?

This time, it’s not just any results, it is a directive reflection of brands’ hard work all year to STAND OUT of the Ramadan campaigns clutter.

Through a small sample of 200 respondents in the latest ZeroTime™ MR  Survey, we wanted to measure specifically the most liked Ads with  200 respondents, Socio-economic class AB, C1 C2, males and females, in Cairo for the following industries:

-Most liked Charity Ads

-Most liked Telecom Ads

-Most liked Bank Ads

-Most liked home appliances Ad

-Most liked Real Estate Ads

Some results were expected, and some were surprising! 

Most of the top liked ads are containing a song which reflects on our Pre-Ramadan 2019 Insights regarding the most preferable advertisement execution to consumers, which resulted in 59% of respondents prefer the ads which contain a song.

Have a look at the below infographic for detailed results of the sample, segmented per gender.

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Ramadan Insights have finished but we will continue our 2019 Consumer Insights, Stay tuned!

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