Post-inflation Ramadan Era

Post-inflation Ramadan Era


Ramadan IftarWe know for a fact that consumer behavior in Ramadan is different than any other month across the year. For the majority of food and beverage categories, consumption surges during this time, even though the total hours of food consumption decreases throughout the day. There are even food and beverage categories, which their sales are highly dependent on this month.


Earlier in January, we introduced an alert for products that will suffer the most in 2017, due to the continuous increasing prices Egyptians are experiencing more and more everyday.


This Ramadan will be the first Ramadan we see to what extent the total purchase power is going down for all Egyptians across all social economic classes, during the month of highest food and beverage consumption.


We asked 43 Egyptians, social economic classes B and C, about how their purchase behavior is changing this Ramadan compared to the previous ones through capturing their top of mind deviations in purchase behavior, and below are the results:

Marketeers Plan for Ramadan 2017

Throughout the month of Ramadan 2017, we will share with you quantitative insights twice a week for how did purchase behavior of Egyptian household decision makers has changed across different food and beverage categories:

  1. Ghee
  2. Cooking Oil
  3. Sugar
  4. Milk
  5. Yogurt
  6. Cheese
  7. Rice
  8. Pasta
  9. Salsa
  10. Soda Drinks
  11. Juices
  12. Ramadan Beverages
  13. Yameesh: 


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