Ramadan Switched Products – Part Three

Ramadan Switched Products – Part Three

May 29, 2019

Ramadan is the busiest season for FMCG products due to family/friends gatherings for iftar.

Brands are trying to be more appealing in the retail shop to win consumers attention to consider buying their products.

In the third part of Ramadan 2019 Consumer Insights, we ran both quantitative and qualitative research on women household decision makers, to see what grabbed their attention most in-store, and the products they switched to in Ramadan.

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The infographic below introduces some insights about:

 -Products Choice Criteria

 -Products Switched-To in Ramadan

 -Source of Awareness of The New Products Switched-To & Reasons For Switching

Including also some quotes from our qualitative research

Products Choice Criteria:

As per the quantitative research, 72% of respondents were attracted most to promotions and discounts. On the other hand, as per the qualitative research, the majority of respondents agreed that the expiry date was the most important for them when buying certain products, that they usually refuse to buy products approaching the expiry date, even with a discounted price.

Consumer Verbatims 

“العروض مش بتشدنى فى الاكل بحب العروض على المساحيق والشامبوهات لكن الاكل مش بحب العروض علشان الصلاحيه بتبقى قربت تخلص”

Married – 45 YO – C1 Class

“اكيد السعر و العروض بتفرق معايا و اكتر حاجه بتلفت نظرى تاريخ الصلاحيه”

Married – 25 YO – C1 Class

“لو منتج جديد اجيب منه كميه صغيره لانى بحب اجرب كل جديد واحكم هل هشترى منه تانى ولا لأ”

Married – 27 YO – AB Class

Products Switched-To in Ramadan:

As per the qualitative research, the majority of respondents switched because they found a better product with the same quality but for less price.

غيرت المكرونه اللى بجيبها علشان بقى سعرها غالى جدا التانية لقيتها كويسه وزى اللى كنت بجيبها بس ارخص

Married -36 YO – C1 Class

“غيرت لمسحوق تانى علشان اللى بجيبه بقى غالى وادانى نفس نضافه اللى كنت بستخدمه

Married – 25YO – C1 Class

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