Ready to Make Unskippable Ramadan Ads?


It is all about those first 5 seconds!


The Unnegotiable, Ramadan Digital Rule of Thumb: 

If advertisers don’t engage their audience in the first 5 seconds, then they can’t prevent them from impatiently waiting for that SKP button to just click on and get it over with.


For several years now, surpassing the millennials age group, the Arab region is on YouTube and MBC Shahid during Ramadan, replacing the sacred family TV sharing time with their laptops, mobile/ tablets, or Smart TVs, meaning limited advertisement exposure, which means that YouTube ads are now required to be much more creative with the existence of the “Skip” button.

So how to make sure you’re YouTube Ad is unskippable?

Test the Ad with SmartCut™, and identify if their level of emotional engagement is high enough in the first 5 seconds compared to other ads in your industry, and map out what they See, Feel, and how they React in every moment in your storyline up till the offering during the appearance of certain visuals, celebrities, humour attempts, voice over, music, product placements, selling messages…etc

Below 3 Campaigns portraying SmartCut research results, utilizing our NeuroLab tools to assist creative teams in the unskippable Ad execution process: 

NeuroLab Key

NeuroLab Measurement Key


Results are presented for the objective of portraying the types of insights Smart Cut™ can provide, not with the objective of presenting a conclusive evaluation, due to a small sample size.

Based on SmartCut™ results, creative teams receive emotional mapping of the most engaging moments, and accordingly are able to instantly receive their audience unclaimed feedback before the copy launch through what they See, Feel, and how they React throughout their entire storyline.


Accordingly, through SmartCut™, creative teams are able to adjust the edits before their YouTube launch to make their ad unskippable, increasing their client’s Return on Digital Media Investments.

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