Smart Prediction

Smart Prediction

Know the Impact of your decisions, before you actually take them!!

Decisions are usually puzzling; Marketers face many hard to answer questions like, Which decision will make my brand a star?, Which maximizes my profits and by how much? Will that justify investment (ROI)? The topic of “Brand management Decision Tools” was tackled in IRIS conference that was held in China on April 2012 where we had the opportunity to present our key predictive tool that surprised our “first time” clients, below we present highlights of how the tool works

Measuring Behavior

Current Behavior not Claims Virtual Shopping provides natural setting for consumers shopping environment Simulating several shopping trips engages respondents in real shopping experience where they can reflect actual behavior Marketeers analytics identifies all factors that influence behavior and quantify it to use for future prediction

Secret # 1: Measure Real Behaviors not Claims

Analyzing Behavior

Play with Market Simulator Now consumers choices, from different ‘Virtual Shops’ is combined with the right statistics and calculations topredict accurately future behavior and identify exactly whatare driving consumers’ choices A user friendly platform is now ready to guide you, where you can check the impact of different marketing decisions and see how each decision will reflect on performance

Secret # 2: Test Market scenarios in predictive model

Predict Future

Carbon Copy Prediction!! Horus Eye is a project conducted by Marketeers with P&G support to improve & calibrate prediction capabilities of Marketeers approach(2006/2007) The graph shows the difference between our prediction (the blue line) and what actually happened in market (the Orange line) Since then, ALL our clients’ projects are validated post delivery of findings to demonstrate for each project

Secret # 3: Validate through smart value tools


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