The Launch of African Market Research Association (AMRA)

The Launch of African Market Research Association (AMRA)


“Africa is an originator of certain trends and it drives these trends. We feel compelled to force fit international trends to justify some of the things that are happening, where we as Africa are actually trendsetters. We need to get to a space where we understand Africa for what it really is” – Khosi Magubane, S. Brand manager, Pepsico, South Africa


So many clients from Africa have been calling out for research agencies that would support their unmet demand for market research.


To answer those demands, Marketeers Research took the initiative with four other African Market Research Associations to start AMRA, African Market Research Association, promoting quality market research in Africa to insure high service level to clients.


AMRA was established in 2016 and is a non-profit membership association for market, social and opinion polling research associations and organizations in Africa.


On February 16, 2017 the first AMRA Forum was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was celebrated not only by market research agencies from 26 African countries but also clients from P&G, Pepsi, Unilever, Brand SA, and Guinness Nigeria Plc (Diageo Company).

Marketeers has participated in the AMRA initiative with 3 key objectives in mind:


1.  Assist clients to enter and grow business in Africa.


2. Build a large network of quality market research partners.


3. Cooperate with international Market Research bodies, such as ESOMAR, SAMRAGlobal Research Business Network, and Market Research Society, UK to develop and accredit market research in Africa and insure high service level to clients.


One of the main highlights of the conference was the Client Panel held by Sami Ghabrial, Marketeers Managing Director, where he facilitated clients’ discussion answering 2 key questions critical for every research agency out there to know: What are the current challenges clients are currently facing and how can market research help?


“It was really a great eye opener experience! Africa has numerous research opportunities that our industry is greatly underestimating. Clients see market research information in Africa as a scarce resource in the most needed area, and requesting research teams with analytical capabilities to take an immediate step forward. This rang a bell for Marketeers and we will definitely start our steps very soon this year more towards Africa” – Sami Ghabrial, Managing Director, Marketeers Research

AMRA Forum, 2017

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