The Use of Tablets in Research: SMALL Change, BIG Value

The Use of Tablets in Research: SMALL Change, BIG Value

No doubt that technology – whether devices, software or digital mediums – has changed the game in different industries, if not all, in how they run their businesses.

Market research is not any different. In fact, technology is changing the dynamics of the industry faster than many can keep up. Research, behavior, and analytical tools are advancing with enhanced returns.

In this piece we will list briefly the 4 key benefits of using tablets that were touched and experienced in conventional F2F interviews:

  • More fun for participants, hence more engagement

Adding visuals and interactive tools makes participants more engaged and willing to complete the questionnaire happily, and that is the key for better data

  • More operational efficiency 

It is becoming much faster! The data processing phase eliminates most of the data entry and data quality checks and human errors that come with it.

  • Eliminates interviewer errors

With skip questions becoming programmed, questions and answers follows each other in the right sequence, which saves time and eliminates the likelihood of errors.

  • Better control

Real time monitoring of data, monitoring field team with GPS, and insuring interviews are conducted in the right places

And definitely a better environment 


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