This Is What Clients Asked for in 2018

This Is What Clients Asked for in 2018

December 30th, 2018


The past year, we experienced with our clients from FMCGs, Real Estate, banking, and B2B industries how 2018 was the year of STRATEGY.

The year of strategy started off when multinationals and large corporations realized early in 2018 tremendous drops in market shares will not rise, unless great change happens in terms of product, pricing, and communication strategies. 

Many corporates were active in promptly adapting to the changes in purchase behaviors, while others had some trouble to keep up.


Most importantly, 2018 was the year of experimenting, and building muscle for 2019, the year of New Market Dynamics, which is enforcing the urgency for leading an adaptive marketing-strategy-or-die mode, specifically throughout large corporations across all industries in Egypt.  

We wanted to conclude the year by sharing with you some statistics on the most conducted researches in 2018, reflecting back on how our clients prepared for the 2019 New Market Dynamics.



Clients Request #1:


Starting 2018, we conducted three times as much more qualitative researches with the objectives of:

-> Defining the changed consumer purchase behaviors,

-> Testing new launches in terms of new product concept, new SKUs, and new package designs to penetrate the New Market Dynamics. 



Clients Request #2:


For the past years, we have been witnessing an increasing clutter of real estate billboards across Cairo, making it much more challenging for real estate developers to stand out and be noticed.


With the emergence of New cities such as New Assiut and New El Menia,  we experienced 100% year-on-year growth of research conducted for our real estate clients to locate untapped opportunities for new developments. 


Clients Request #3:


It started in 2016, when we launched the first “Digital Tracking Report” in Egypt, tracking fast developments of the digital and e-commerce world.


Since then, 2018 was the first year we see multinational corporations further exploring and officially entering the e-commerce world, relative to the years before.


We were honored to be one of the first agencies that led the transformation journey of MNCs into the e-commerce world this year.



Clients Request #4:


No one can argue that corporates did not face the unanswered question regarding: how to manage prices in the post-inflation era?


As a result, we sold more SMART PRICING™ researches than ever in 2018, using prediction models to create adequate pricing strategies for all brand SKUs and product lines that meets the New Market Dynamics. 

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