How Real Estate Buyers See Your Brand vs. Competition

How Real Estate Buyers See Your Brand vs. Competition

May 6, 2018

Everyone can see the obvious Real Estate industry growth through the overwhelming number of billboards, TV ads, digital activities, text messages…etc, to what extent the Real Estate industry is expanding in so little time, especially in the upper tier: More projects, more land is being sold, and new communities are being created.


Most importantly, Customers’ needs are diversifying, changing to fit life styles they are seeking and economic conditions they are in.


CHALLENGE: Limited knowledge about the market jeopardize planning efforts, especially for large investments, risking the greatest opportunities to result in the greatest losses when actual needs are not met.


Accordingly, due to rising need for identifying the every unique developers’ brand’s power and monitoring impact of increasing market communication, we started biannual Brand Tracking Reports, providing marketing team with diagnostic tool that assist management toward making decisions to improve brand performance in the marketplace.

Brand Tracking Objectives: 


1. Monitoring Brand performance in the market, across customers’ Purchase Funnel

2. Identify & monitor drivers for each action point along purchase funnel

Key Performance Indicators We Track:


1. KPIs Along the Intended Purchase Funnel

Real Estate KPIs are based on the Purchase Funnel For customers:



2. KPIs of Drivers That Influence Choice

Where “Project/ Developer” stands vs. competition across Choice Criteria KPIs


3. KPIs Across Key Brand Connectors

 Measure where “Project/ Developer” stands vs. competition across Brand KPIs



4. Communication Evaluation

 Identify source of knowledge and perception about “Project/ Developer”

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