Two Thousand Seventeen In Review

Two Thousand Seventeen In Review

The Year that Followed Nov. 3rd, 2016


I believe now is the time to own ‘valuable things’ more than money. ~ Mina, Corporate Income Tax Regional Specialist.

Obviously, this past year too much has changed since the Devaluation on Nov 3, 2016. Purchase power went down the drain, shrinking the market size in total and re-structuring the market approach strategies.

Throughout this past year, we published a mix of quantitative and qualitative insights answering some of the commonly asked consumer behaviour questions at the time.

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In those last couple of days of 2017, it’s time to recap the year, and transition to the new one from the consumer’s viewpoint:

How did your purchasing behavior change in 2017?

Promotions at hypermarkets used to trigger me to buy more than I need now to store at home. Today I think twice if I really need what I’m purchasing now, before allowing myself to be motivated by an offer. 

~ Salma, mom of 2 kids, MBA graduate

I now try the Egyptian replacements of snacks; if I like them, I would replace them with the imported ones like Loacker with Freska wafer; it’s a close quality and helps the local market. Hopefully then, prices would decrease again when we start purchasing more local than imported goods.
~ Hend, 32 yrs, running a chain of her family’s watches store.


I don’t put the option to be surprised at the cashier anymore. At first I didn’t mind realising last minute that I’m paying more than I evaluated at the supermarket, but now I do. Now I always check prices on shelf and ask employees about all the prices and quality of the lose food like cheese before I take it to my shopping cart. 
~ Mina, Corporate Income Tax Regional Specialist at a Multinational Corporation


Before I start my shopping experience, I check the offers first online before I enter the store to formulate clear objectives of what I need, and calculate what I will spend before hand.
~ Noha, 35 yrs, works in a Bank


I don’t care as much if it’s imported or local, all I care about now is at least average quality with reasonable prices. I try it home, if I don’t like it, I’d search for another brand next time until I find what would be satisfactory
~ Asmaa, manages an NGO

We asked this same question at the beginning of 2017, to identify changes in consumer behavior shortly after the Devaluation, and the answers were much simpler; it was all about reducing consumption or switching brands and SKUs.

Now 12 months later, that obvious change in behaviour developed into creative saving strategies and conscious approaches to buying the right items, with the highest value for money


Trivia: Is efficiency the current Egyptian Consumer Moto?

 What did you do in 2017 to manage your expenditure?


Today I buy valuable things I know I don’t urgently need now, but I will probably need soon. I purchased a new mobile, although I don’t need one urgently now, to use in 6 months. I would prefer to have a phone that will not be the most advanced at the time, than wait for the most advanced and take the risk of not affording it. I did the same with my Nike shoes, buying it today for next summer, and these days I’m searching for a new car to purchase before prices increase again in 2018.
~ Mina, Corporate Income Tax Regional Specialist at a Multinational Corporation

I tried new brands until I found alternatives that reach the same results, but not the premium brand names I’m used to. For example, I switched Persil Gel with Oxi Gel, and switched Nescafe Gold with Classic.
~ Noha, 35 yrs, works at a Bank

It depends on how important it is for me. If something will stay and is durable, I would pay the higher price. But most of may daily purchases are not like that. For example for Cheese, I used to buy a variety up to 5 different types of in one store visit, now I choose only 2 kinds we all like at home. For cloths, my kids are at an age of growing every year, so I don’t buy branded cloths for them anymore. 
~ Salma, mom of 2 kids, MBA graduate.


I don’t plan to store necessities as much anymore like rice, pasta, sugar, I just buy what I need today.
~ Ahmed, Cafe waiter, 30 yrs, expecting a child.

 Will your purchase behaviour change again in 2018?


If I find Egyptian companies launching something new I can replace, I will definatly consider it. This is an opportunity for locals to start producing replacements to imported goods with good quality.
~ Hend, 32 yrs, running a chain of her family’s watches store.

I’ll be more conservative as long as prices are still increasing, if not, I will stay the same. If my income does not increase, I will stop what I currently  completely
~ Youssef, 27 yrs, Accountant

I really don’t know what I will do. Depends on my increase in salary, I will adjust accordingly. But I will continue searching for alternatives
~ Ahmed, Cafe waiter, 30 yrs, expecting a child.

I won’t buy any less items, I’ll just by the right ones, with the highest value for money.
~ Lamia, 32 yrs, Entrepreneur.

Trivia: Will Egyptians officially turn more towards short-term or long-term thinkers in 2018?

What do you expect will happen in 2018’s economic situation?


Worse. There is no hope to even expand local goods, the only time they took a step to create local mobile phones they said it got stolen, it’s a joke! Who are they even competing against for something like this to be stolen?
~ Ahmed, Cafe waiter, 30 yrs, expecting a child.

Investors from Saudi and UAE will come invest here, so it will be better. I see local products and more exports taking place. But it will take time until we see the effect of those changes.
~ Atef, Management Level at a Multinational Agency

It will either stay the same, or prices will increase, but no prices will ever decrease.
~ Salma, mom of 2 kids, MBA graduate.

It will get better and salaries will increase to compensate the increased prices
~ Mustafa, Management at a Pharmaceutical Company


How do you expect companies will react to the changing consumer behaviour in 2018?

They will import worst chinese quality instead of producing them. They won’t compensate with anything local. I’m from the streets and I know
~ Ahmed, Cafe waiter, 30 yrs, expecting a child.

They will continue decreasing quality or size with the same price, because they know people won’t pay more now.
~ Salma, mom of 2 kids, MBA graduate.

We will definately have even more promotions.
~ Noha, 35 yrs, works at a Bank.


So, what will really happen in 2018?

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