Why Your Business Needs Data Analytics?

Why Your Business Needs Data Analytics?

January 4, 2022

Why Your Business Needs Data Analytics?

Price increases are a familiar word to inflation. As it was recorded by  6.2% in Egypt in Nov. 2021, and 3.3% in Saudi Arabia placing business on the battlefield of volatile markets, fighting to please “value-driven consumers” against aggressive competitors.

Data and analytics to catch opportunities for growth.

The first challenge is collecting data, which is usually scattered across different channels and resources, which makes the process time-consuming and expensive. Then comes the step of analyzing this data, which will provide you with customized analytics relevant to your business challenges to navigate through the volatile market.

How does data analytics flip the equation?

Take an example from Etihad Airways, as they used data-analytics during lockdown to capture volatile demands through collecting data about consumers from different resources, and integrating this data to get a full understanding of their consumers, which eventually helped them adjust their search tools to add critical information about traveling flexibility and regulations related to COVID.

Now imagine having a tool that can collect and unify data, utilizing predictive analytics to support the creation of your revenue growth strategy. That’s exactly how we can help businesses create and capture consumer value. 

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