World Research & Insights Day: How Market Research is Evolving?

World Research & Insights Day: How Market Research is Evolving?

May 2, 2020

On the world research & insights day, we would like to honor all researchers and analysts all over the world who have been a valuable asset for businesses to support their plan creation, by providing actionable insights.

For decades, Market research tools have been evolving to adapt to consumer changes every day and to deliver the optimal solutions for business growth, let’s see how market research has been evolving the past years:

Online Research is The New Normal

Nowadays, the urge for faster market research tools is needed to cope with the disruptive markets, with large mobile & internet penetration worldwide, online surveys and focus groups are now easier, they have proven their effectiveness for years now, and with the current COVID-19 pandemic, going online is becoming inevitable.

At Marketeers Research we have seen the online research opportunity 10 years ago, we developed our automated modules along with our online dynamic panel to cut research time from months to days ensuring its effectiveness, efficiency, and less costly!

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Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Market Research

As the traditional market research continues till today, we needed more advanced tools to capture fast consumer behavior changes and get more in-depth information, artificial intelligence is now providing more than just tracking and insights but also developing decision models to better assist businesses in the decision-making process.

Our Smart Suite™ developed decision models throughout the past years to support our clients’ strategic decisions by providing them the optimum marketing solutions to be able to sustain their business growth in rapidly changing markets.

The Rise of Big Data Analytics

In the big data era, large corporates have the opportunity to use the Integration of its internal data + its Market Research Studies + Market data to develop predictive models that will support their strategic plans.

“Together, “Big Data” and marketing research represent a formidable toolkit in the hands of those who know how and when to exploit both to their full potential.” ~ The Greenbook blog

With our Business Knowledge, Market Research Skills, and Artificial Intelligence tools, we’re developing Big Data Analytics which will lead your business to have better and timely insights that reflect directly on your business performance.

Yet, the market research industry is still evolving every day and so do we to better analyze, predict, develop the optimal solutions for business growth, and a better understanding of consumer behavior.

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