Your Ramadan Artworks: Make the Most out of them!

Your Ramadan Artworks: Make the Most out of them!

May 8, 2018

Almost 8 days to go for the most competitive, influential, sales boost opportunities for the brands whose multi-touchpoint communication will STAND OUT the most in the upcoming Ramadan Race.

 If you are launching an outdoor campaign:

You are probably wondering: Is my outdoor attractive enough? Is my design and messages comprehendible? Readable? And Memorable enough in the visual clutter?

Make sure all your key visual elements are seen by your consumer through Artwork Neuro Tests


In the case of Pepsi, the key message may have been delivered through the visual, but was not read by the sample.


 If you are launching New Package Designs:


What seems to be appealing on the computer screen in the design stage, may not be noticeable enough to STAND OUT & meet brands’ objectives in the Ramadan clutter of messages, colors, shapes, and sizes in all the touchpoints your target meets your brand’s communication.


Every Pack design faces two key and equally important communication challenges:

1. How appealing is my pack as a stand alone design?

2. To what extent my pack stands out in the instore shelf clutter?


Through Neuro Artwork tests, you can identify visual journeys what captures your target’s attention, comparative to your competition.


From those results, client would pass on the Neuro-Measurement results to creative agencies, offering objective feedback for the any visual communication design

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How are you planning to WOW your audience?:
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