Your Ramadan TVC Offline Edits: Make the Most out of It!

Your Ramadan TVC Offline Edits: Make the Most out of It!

May 8, 2018

Almost 8 days to go for the most competitive, influential, sales boost opportunities for the brands whose multi-touchpoint communication will STAND OUT the most in the upcoming Ramadan Race.


If you are launching a TV/Digital Copy: 

How can you ensure the most optimum offline edit, copy cutdowns (30, 20, 15 & 10 seconds), and an unskippable digital ad through the current, already shot copy?


Through SmartCut™, creative teams are guided by brand consumers’ emotional engagement maps that assists in creating the most effective Copy Cut-downs, prior to the TVC launch, maximizing client’s return on Media investment. 

HOW is that?

SmartCut™ utilizes Neuromeasurement tools, taking your target audience input by capturing their unclaimed feedback through what they SEE and what they don’t see, how they FEEL in every moment in your storyline up till the offering, and how they REACT to shifts in storyline, humor attempts, product placements, and selling messages.


SmartCut™ Measurement Key

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